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As a manager, create milestones for your team; Employees engage in AI-powered soft skills role-playing stories. You make objective decisions.

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Team leads are asking ...

I'm a tech team lead and as AI advances, I'm confused what skills should my team members improve?
Develop adaptability and flexibility.
How come?
AI will constantly change the way we work. Being adaptable means your team can pivot and thrive in new situations.

of career success is powered by soft skills.

Reported by Harvard and Stanford universities.

Clearly, it's our human skills that are shaping tomorrow's workplace!


Specially Designed for Every Team Lead.

Identify Team Strengths and Growth Areas

Helping leaders identify team strengths and areas for growth, enabling personalized leadership and development strategies aligned with team goals.

jobs will be soft skills intensive by 2030.

The playground on WiseWorld


Daily Challenges To Form New Habits

Everyday, 3 AI-generated challenges to solve! Challenges are continuous, and the character's life evolves based on the user's decisions.

Your management dashboard on WiseWorld


Milestone Overview

Managers have an overview of each employee's performance.

Frequent Questions

What is WiseWorld, and how can it transform my team's performance?
WiseWorld is a cutting-edge platform designed to enhance teams' soft skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, resilience, and more. Through our unique Manager's Dashboard and interactive Playgrounds, we offer ongoing assessment, real-time feedback, and personalized development paths, empowering your team to achieve higher productivity and efficiency.
How does the Manager's Dashboard enhance leadership skills?
The Manager's Dashboard, an innovative feature of WiseWorld, provides leaders with real-time insights into team dynamics, individual performance, and overall progress. It enables leaders to identify areas for improvement, tailor support for each team member, and make data-driven decisions to enhance leadership effectiveness and team cohesion.
What is the interactive Playgrounds, and how does it work?
Our interactive Playground is an AI-generated, scenario-based learning approach, tailored to address soft skills challenges in the workplace. In our learning approach, we use simulations and role-playing exercises to help team leaders and members practice and refine skills such as communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. The Playground is designed to be engaging and immersive, providing a safe environment for users to experiment with different strategies and receive instant feedback.
How does WiseWorld encourage employees to practice their skills daily?
WiseWorld seamlessly integrates skill development into employees' daily routines through engaging, bite-sized learning approaches and interactive scenarios that simulate real-world challenges. Our platform leverages gamification techniques and personalized learning paths to help employees identify and leverage their 'power spots' in terms of soft skills. WiseWorld boosts their confidence in their capabilities, empowering them to take on new challenges with assurance and drive.
How does WiseWorld assist managers in making factual and swift decisions about their teams?
WiseWorld empowers managers with data-driven insights and analytics through the Manager's Dashboard feature, providing an overview of team performance, individual skill levels, and engagement metrics in real-time. By analyzing trends and identifying areas for improvement, managers can tailor development programs, allocate resources more effectively, and address potential issues before they escalate.

WiseWorld improves employee soft skills with daily practice and provides managers with data-driven team insights.

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